3 Interior Design Mistakes to Avoid in Your Home

An airy and open room is possible when you are working with a small space.

Interior design isn’t easy. For most of us, it can be difficult enough to tell the difference between chevron, stripes, and plaid. While interior design isn’t necessarily simple, below are three basic design mistakes to avoid while decorating.

Harsh Lighting or Dim Lighting

How much lighting does each room in your home need? Many people aren’t always sure of the answer. The trick to properly lighting in your home is to consider just how much light each room will need. For example, bright lighting does not belong in a bedroom, as fluorescent lights can often spoil the ambiance of the room. The best way to fix this interior design error is to layer your lighting. Use task lighting when needed and overhead or floor lighting to round out each room.

Excess Dark Colors in Your Design

If you are living in a small space, dark furniture or objects should not be in your design. Black or dark decor will make any small space seem even smaller, so use sparingly, if at all. The color contributes to visual shrinkage, so even though the room is the same size that it was before, it often appears to be much smaller with black in the design. To avoid this problem, choose light, neutral colors and light fabric weights. An airy and open room is possible when you are working with a small space.

The Wrong Rug

Rugs are essential home decor pieces that can add warmth and coziness to a room. However, the wrong rug can actually detract from your interior design. Select rugs that fit the furniture around them and on top of them. Never choose a rug that will be in the center of everything without anything on top of it. You should always have at least the sofa legs or coffee table covering the surface.


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