3 Interesting Kitchen Flooring Choices that are a Great Investment

There are so many options for materials when it comes to remodeling your kitchen. If you are looking through flooring options, then you might be wondering how to find one that is the best fit for your kitchen. Here are three kinds of flooring material and what benefits they can bring to your kitchen.


One of the best flooring materials that you can get on a budget would be vinyl. In addition to being less expensive than tile, vinyl flooring is incredibly durable. The reason why you don’t’ see hardwood floors in kitchens is because of the cost and the risk of water damage. Even specially engineered hardwood that is water-resistant can be expensive to replace if it becomes damaged. However, vinyl flooring can last for up to twenty years or more without damage. The only drawbacks to vinyl is that it is not as environmentally friendly, and it’s inexpensive nature means it won’t contribute much value to your home.


On the opposite side of the spectrum is cork, which is made from natural materials. Like vinyl it can be inexpensive, but it also had the added benefit of being slip resistant. Cork flooring is very similar to the type of cork you might find in bulletin boards, except that it is much more durable. It will give your kitchen an interesting and stylish look that you won’t get from traditional flooring materials. But the one major downside to cork is that it requires some maintenance. It will need to be sealed every couple of years and, although it is somewhat durable, it can still be damaged by heavy furniture and direct sunlight.

Natural Stone

Tile made from natural stone is the most expensive of the three options, but it makes up for it in many ways. First, natural stone tile adds a beautiful aesthetic to any design, and that plus it’s durability means it can add significant value to your home. It is waterproof and resists nearly all kinds of damage, and it will keep looking like new for a lifetime. Natural stone is environmentally friendly as well, because it is harvested from sustainable natural materials.


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