3 Flooring Ideas for Your Bathroom

Check out the following flooring types to start getting ideas.

One of the best places to remodel your home is in the bathroom. Hygiene is an important part of the day and of life in general for that matter, so having a place that looks and feels clean and functional makes all the difference. Picking the right flooring goes a long way toward the success of your bathroom remodel. Check out the following flooring types to start getting ideas.


Probably the most popular option, tile is perfect for bathrooms because it is durable and water resistant and can come in a near-endless array of colors and styles. Most of the tile used for bathrooms is porcelain and not ceramic. Make sure that you keep this detail in mind because porcelain and ceramic tile are both virtually the same material, so it is easily confused. However, porcelain is best for bathrooms because it has a very low water absorption rate.


Laminate flooring is another good choice because it is reliable and cost-effective. It is extremely easy to clean, and it has perhaps an even bigger range of styles compared to regular tile. However, there is one major drawback to laminate flooring. Laminate must be installed with a base of wood, which means that it will not be as moisture-resistant as other types of bathroom flooring. The protective coating on top of the laminate itself is very durable, but if you ever notice a crack or peeling then you should address it right away because the moisture over time will make it much worse.


On the other side of the coin, natural stone flooring is more expensive, but it also comes with its own perks. It is the most durable of these flooring materials. It won’t crack the same way porcelain tile would if you dropped a heavy object on it, and there are zero moisture concerns. Stone is also prized for its elegant look, and the natural irregularities in the stone mean that your bathroom floor aesthetic will be one-of-a-kind. One drawback to note is that stone flooring tends to be more slippery when wet compared to other types of flooring.


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